Khun Wipaphan Phanthakarn (51 Years Old) Lymphoma, Stage 3-4

He worked very hard, and after a long period of time, he had a fever, frequent weakness, lack of strength, he fell into the ground. As he became harder, he became a fever all day and all night. At first he went to the doctor and didn’t know the cause. Assumed to be influenza Until unable to stop, go to the doctor Returning to stay at home for 2 months, the symptoms become heavier than before. Until having to go back to the doctor again And told the history that he had previously had lymph node tuberculosis and had healed for a long time. Therefore found that the lymphoma is stage 3 and stage 4, but relatives do not say that they are cancerous Until he came to know again because he had to inject chemo 8 needles. Why do we have to be a disease? Thinking only that this disease is already dead. At that time, the condition of the body was terrible, lying with the legs raised to one side, so the first chemo was lost. The symptoms of suffocation are weak and require breathing apparatus. At that time I thought Life must be fought, so it can pass through the first period of chemotherapy.

Knowing Ma Ho because he had had a child take a book about beta glucan to read when he was sick, so he knew the effectiveness of beta glucan so he felt that this was the one he wanted. At that time only thought but not Can eat, because still sleeping in bed

After completing the chemo One day, Oh said that he wanted us to help make a product. “What can you do? No need to invite Just tell me only What you do? “When he said one word “Beta Glucan”, so we responded, “No need to say anything and bring it to you.”

The first time you ate and believed in Maho is At that time, going to Bangkok Because going to listen to the story of Maho, but then was sick That would not be possible Brother Oh said that it’s okay. Keep eating ho ho We try to eat. Until returning home There is no sickness either when our body is not strong. Thus making more confidence in Maho Therefore, starting to eat seriously 3 packs a day or more every day. Make the body better When he was sick he never went to the doctor again. Use to eat Ma Ho instead

Finally want to tell people who are the same symptoms. Let’s try to eat Ma Ho. May try to study First, to be confident The more we try to eat, the more confident it is.